Happy Birthday Fliss 🎁🎂🎉

Hi! It’s Cordelia. It’s Fliss’s B-Day today so I was wondering if we could get some nice “Happy Birthday” for one of my BFF’s.

Felicity is one of my very best friends. She puts up with all of my fandom rants, and supports me with everything really. She doesn’t mind being paired up with me in PE, even though she is soo much better than me.

Fliss is…

The Salt to my Pepper,

The Willow to my Buffy,

The Fat Amy to my Beca,

The Brittany to my Santana,

But most importantly, the Fliss to my Cordelia. Thanks for a great two years (Wow!) Of being friends. You’re amazing and someone should tell you everyday, but especially today.

Nerd Heard Out And Happy Birthday 🎂 Fliss!


How to embrace your fandom at school!

Hey it’s Felicity! Our country’s schools go back in the next few weeks so here’s some tips on how to bring your fandom into school!


It’s sort of my gimmick- my pencil case is covered in fandom badges that come and go so it’s updated! I will post a pic on our Instagram (@ the.nerd.heard btw)! Having badges is a great way to express yourself (especially if your school has uniform) and it strikes up conversation with other people who get your references. You can find a bunch of badges on Amazon but Etsy or Redbubble have the best range – support small business! I have collected my badges over time and originally put them on my pencil case to fiddle with in class but they’ve become quite the work of art!! I’d love to see your fandom themed patch/badges creations!!


This will depend on how strict your school is! However jewellery is a great way to express yourself- if you can make friendship bracelets you could make short quote bracelets or if your fandom has official merchandise you can look into buying any of them! If you’re a guy, wristbands work great and so do slapbands!

Bags and Bottles

Some fandoms sell official backpacks and tote bags and if not there’s plenty on Redbubble and Etsy- I’ll recommend some at some point! If your fandom is more niche you may not be able to find merch so mimicking the characters style would work too!


This is quite broad – it could be anything from using characters names in stories or theming creative projects towards your fandom! It could even be recreating your show, film or book- I once drew a moustache on my finger as an ice breaker just like Amy in an episode of The Big Bang Theory!

Let me know how you bring your fandom into work or school and I’ll try out some of your tips!!


If Glee did Little Shop of Horrors

Fliss here! I think that Little Shop of Horrors would have been a great choice of musical for they’re Halloween episode (dare I say, instead of Rocky Horror??). In fact, when I saw the LMDC tour (only once but it’s was the best night EVER- I intend to do a whole post dedicated to this at some point) they opened with Suddenly Seymour!!!! Anyway, we’re getting off track- here’s who I would cast in each role:

Seymour Krelborn

Ok but this has got Blaine written all over it! And I have proof that Darren could pull it off! No debate about this one, moving on!


I feel like Quinn might be able to pull off Audrey due to her being able to access her emotions well but we all know that Schue would give it to Rachel (although Lea can really pull off Audrey’s top notes).

On second thoughts Sugar could work really well in the role- she really fit Frenchie after all- but I don’t think they would give the main role to her unless it was to spite Rachel!

The Backup Trio

Like in Dammit Janet where we had Mercedes, Kurt and Quinn but I think we could replace Kurt with Santana?? That might be an unpopular choice because you guys stan Kurt almost as much as Santana herself…

Or The Unholy Trinity could also slay this but we need Mercedes’ soulful vocals!

Mr/Mrs Mushnik

Not sure if that’s how you spell it (I put both Mr & Mrs I’ve seen both versions done) but I think Sue would be perfect for the role – if the club could get her to be in the musical at all that is!

The Dentist

Ok but tell me you wouldn’t want to see Jonathan Groff as Jesse St James in this role! He would be really cool as the dentist- Jesse just has that vibe about him!

Audrey II

There’s only one person I know who could pull off this voice shamelessly and that’s Kurt (see Give Up The Funk).

There’s not really anymore characters is there? Who would you cast? Let me know in the comments!


Writing Tips: Things to think about when writing only children.

Hi. It’s Cordelia. I have found lots of posts about writing siblings, but not only children, for some reason?

Anyway, I thought I’d share my knowledge of what it is like to be an only child, and some things to consider when writing.

1. The age of the parents

This is actually kinda a big thing. Some parents treat only children like another adult, and teach them how to help. Also, some parents really spoil their only children. There are also people in between.

Most of the time, this depends on the age of the parents. Parents aged 40-50 usually have more grown up kids, whereas parents aged 20-40 usually do more for their kids.

Now before you get on at me in the comments, these are just different parenting styles, and even though I think my parents are doing it right, I bet you do too and I do not want any comment conflicts.

E.G. Only children with older parents may get asked questions like “Do you mind doing the dishwasher?” Or “Can you peg the washing out?” And then they will do it. This doesn’t have to be included in your story, but just keep it in mind.

2. We aren’t lonely!

Actually probably the opposite. The amount of times I’ve read: “I was an only child and I was always lonely.” No. Just No. Only children get used to their own company from day one. Which means we are fine on our own. Sometimes I sit on the wall reading, and people are all: “Are you ok?” In a really concerned voice. I feel like saying. “Huh? I spent half my life reading on my own.”

In my experience, kids who have siblings are actually more lonely than people who don’t when their siblings have gone. Only children are used to being alone, because their parents might be busy. Children with siblings are not used to being on their own, so don’t really know what to do with themselves.

3. We don’t want siblings!

Why would we, when without them we are kinda spoilt? There may have been a time, when I was a kid, where I wanted a sibling, but most of us grow out of that when we get older. Why would I want someone to steal my clothes? Or blow out my birthday candles? I’m fine as I am. Thanks, but no thanks.

Anyway, I hope this has helped. I’m sorry if I put down other methods of parenting in any way. Also, I’m sorry it’s so short. A book 📚 review will be posted this afternoon to make up for it.

So, comment your thoughts and post ideas, like and tell other nerds about us, and if you get the obscure reference in the name, comment it, for a follow and a whole load of mutual geeking out.

Nerd Heard Out!


Guess The Character Part 2- Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist!

Hey, it’s Fliss! Just like Cordelia did with Shadowhunters, I am doing with ZEP characters. I sent her pictures of 11 different characters from the show and she had to guess their names and personality. Here’s how it went: (side note, the pictures come after the information although I wish I’d done it the other way around *facepalm*)

Real Character Name: Zoey Clarke

Cordelia Guessed: Jennie, slightly crazy

Was she right? No but the actress is Jane Levy (same letter)! And I guess Zoey is slightly crazy!!

Real Character Name: Max Richman

Cordelia Guessed: Jasper, funny

Was she right? No but I’m guessing the J comes from Jesse (Skylar Astin’s Pitch Perfect character)? He is the funny friend though!

Real Character Name: Tobin Batra

Cordelia Guessed: Raj, the cool one who’s in a band

Was she right? No but I’m sure Tobin thinks of himself as cool! He’d be flattered!

ZOEY’S EXTRAORDINARY PLAYLIST — “Zoey’s Extraordinary Silence” Episode 109 — Pictured: Kapil Talwalkar as Tobin — (Photo by: Sergei Backlakov/NBC)

Real Character Name: Leif Donnelly

Cordelia Guessed: Lucas, nerd

Was she right? Same letter!! And yes he is a nerd!

Real Character Name: Joan Bennett

Cordelia Guessed: Marie, the older ‘mum’ who’s way too invested is Jennie and Jasper’s life.

Was she right? No but she is older (I think) but I she’s not really the Yenta type!

Real Character Name: Mo

Cordelia Guessed: Charity, fun and outgoing.

Was she right? Not Charity but Mo is definitely fun and outgoing!!

ZOEY’S EXTRAORDINARY PLAYLIST — “Zoey’s Extraordinary Neighbor” Episode 104 — Pictured: Alex Newell as Mo — (Photo by: Sergei Bachlakov/NBC)

Real Character Name: Simon Haynes

Cordelia Guessed: Derek, helpful.

Was she right? He’s in a high position at Sprq Point so I guess that means he’s helpful!

Real Character Name: Mitch Clarke

Cordelia Guessed: Richard, Married to Marie. Really nice to all the younger guys. Has a flash car he lets them borrow for dates.

Was she right? Close – Rich/ Mitch and I guess the description is sort of like Mitch in his younger days. He’s not married to Joan though (he’s married to Maggie)!

Real Character Name: Maggie Clarke

Cordelia Guessed: Libby, a teacher? Like a crazy Aunt.

Was she right? No but Maggie does have that crazy Aunt vibe about her!

Real Character Name: David Clarke

Cordelia Guessed: Simon. Jennie’s best friend. Don’t expect much from him but he is actually Ok.

Was she right? Correct name, wrong character! He is her brother so I guess they are good friends. Actually the description fits Max perfectly!

Real Character Name: Howie

Cordelia Guessed: Daniel. Fed up.

Was she right? I guess he is a little fed up but aren’t we all! I think it’s more sadness.

Real Character Name: Jessica

Cordelia Guessed: Jackie. The rich one who’s always the target.

Was she right? Same letter again!!! The description is not far off really.

Real Character Name: Autumn

Cordelia Guessed: Misty. Drama queen, overshares.

Was she right? I guess she’s like that a little but I’d describe Autumn as more spiritual (she reminds me a little of Phoebe from Friends???).

Real Character Name: Emily Kang

Cordelia Guessed: Hanna. Intelligent.

Was she right? I suppose Emily is intelligent- she’s not dumb!

Did you did better than Cordelia (she didn’t do too badly to be honest!)? Hope you enjoyed our two-part special (we did 。◕‿◕。)!

Guess The Character Part 1 Shadowhunters TMI

I don’t know where this idea originated, but I saw it on Instagram and thought it would be fun because me and Fliss are in such different fandoms. The pictures I sent to Fliss were under the character in “An Illustrated history of notable Shadowhunters and denizens of downworld.”

Big City of Bones spoilers, mild City of Ashes spoilers.:)

Alec Lightwood:

Fliss thinks: Mike. Quiet.

I guesss. He is kinda quiet and obnoxious. But Hella hot. Why are all the good ones gay?

Simon Lewis:

Fliss thinks: Tom. Laid-back.

Yes he is laid-back, until Clary gets involved and crush aside, he is like her big brother and would not let anything happen to her. To any Buffy watchers, think of it as a similar relationship to Xander and Buffy.

Raphael Santiago:

Fliss thinks: Dane. Determined

Not really. The only thing he’s determined to do is make fun of Magnus’s stupid hair with Ragnor Fell. And settle his bet with Ragnor about how long Malec would last.

Magnus Bane:

Fliss thinks: Alex. Mysterious

Well, that whole thing that people start to look like their owners after a while must apply then. He’s literally dating Alex Lightwood. Also, mysterious? I guess, but “Camp as Christmas” seems to be more Magnus.

Lucian (Luke) Graymark

Fliss thinks: Ian Dog-obssessed 🐕

He does look like an Ian, doesn’t he? He’s not dog obsessed, but I see why you think that because he had a wolf 🐺 behind him in the picture. This is because he’s a werewolf.

Jocelyn Fairchild:

Fliss thinks: Josie Intelligent

She is intelligent enough to realise the man she loved was a lying scumbag who ended up feeding her angel blood so her daughter becomes even more angel than most of the Nephilim. Oh, you meant booksmart. Yeah, she’s that too.

Jace (Pick a surname, any surname!)

Fliss thinks : Luke. Can come off kinda aggressive but knows what he’s doing really.

How did you manage to get his base personality in one picture? I don’t think I can beat that in part 2.

Isabelle Lightwood:

Fliss thinks: Raven. Free spirited.

Well that’s probably what Clary calls it. It can also be called “Taking no f*cks from anyone.” Izzy Lightwood is a complete powerhouse and totally “You hurt my mates, I hurt your neck.”

Clary Fairchild:

Fliss thinks: Chloe Practical

Yeah she is practical. And does kinda look like Chloe from Pitch Perfect. She is practical enough to want to rescue her mum, (or mom for weird Americans) and use the sensor to kill the demon at the start of the first book.

Church: (Yes we did do the cat 🐈, and I’m sorry I forgot about Chairman Meow who is infinitely cuter)

Fliss thinks: Mistadobalina. Hangry all the time

Don’t really get the name? But church is definitely miserable and hangry to anyone except his beloved Jem.

So that commences this blog post. Sorry if I was a bit mean, Flissy. Next post will be part two where I guess the names and personalities of people in one of Fliss’s many fandoms. I can’t wait!

Nerd Heard Out!💙

Cordeliax Flissx

P.S. How is everyone? If anyone needs someone to talk too we’re here for you!

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A little tribute to Naya Rivera

It’s Fliss! Just a quickie today because I just wanted to say this, even though I am not great at sentimental stuff-

As a fandom, the gleeks have been through a lot. The death of Naya has hit some of us hard but we are always here to talk if you need us. I have seen many amazing tributes throughout our fandom family and it just shows how much we admire the cast.

Naya, we miss you every day, you have touched the hearts of many through your outstanding TV career as well as greatly impacting those close to you, with your sheer love and kindness. RIP ♡♡♡

Naya Rivera 1987-2020 ミ☆

Buffy The Vampire Slayer – Hogwarts Houses

Hi! Its Cordelia! I only did the people who were in at least one episode of opening credits because the rest I could not know whether they prefer Dawn to Dusk or Piano to Violin. This was kind of to test the reliability of Pottermore House Quiz, and also to learn more about the characters and find out how sad and pathetic I really am. This was actually quite a lot of fun and took me about a week to complete, but it was worth it. I really didn’t think I could get this finished before my holiday, but I did so that’s good. P.S.THIS POST IS JUST ABOUT SPOILER FREE! I’m sorry to all of you on season 1 who can’t read most of my posts. Actually, I’m sorry to all of you on season 1 anyway-I promise it will be AMAZING in season 2.

My First Thoughts

Willow: Ravenclaw

Giles: Ravenclaw


Xander: Hufflepuff, maybe a bit of Slytherin.

Angel: Gotta say Gryffindor.

Oz: Hufflepuff.

Anya: Slytherin

Riley: Starts off as Gryffindor, gets kinda Slytherin near the end.

Dawn: Ravenclaw

Buffy: Gryffindor

Spike: Do you even have to ask? Slytherin.

According to Pottermore:

Willow Rosenberg: Hufflepuff

Dedication, Patience and Loyalty

Actually this kinda makes sense, she is always there for Buffy and the gang and is really nice to everyone. I hope we share a dorm at Hogwarts!



Definitely! Anyone who spends that much time around that many books must be a Ravenclaw. I mean, he is a Watcher and a Librarian.I agree, Pottermore.

Cordelia Chase:Ravenclaw


Hell no. Sorry Pottermore, but this girl’s a Slytherin. I can’t exactly think of one cunning moment, but I’m getting Slytherin vibes! I think the only reason she isn’t in Slytherin is because of the stigma about Slytherin (Do you want me to do a Slytherin Appreciation Post- Because I can do that.)

Xander Harris:Hufflepuff

Dedication, Patience and Loyalty

Oh yeah. As I was going through the test I knew he was a Hufflepuff. I did think there was a bit of Slytherin in him at the start.But you know what, he hasn’t. He is really nice and kind to Buffy and Willow and yeah he does have a blunt side which is why everyone loves him. Also he is best friends with Willow, who’s another Hufflepuff and as you can see with me and Fliss, Hufflepuffs get on really well, if they aren’t too shy to be introduced to each other.

Angel: Slytherin:

Pride, Ambition, Cunning

Well, I did not see that one coming. I’d just like to say I disagree, he was always a Gryffindor.

Daniel Ozbourne (Oz): Hufflepuff

Dedication, Patience and Loyalty

Yes! This makes sense, he was so chilled and ready to stand up for his friends. I still remember when he found out that monsters were real and was like “Oh,explains a lot.” Honestly hilarious, definitely Hufflepuff.


Pride, Ambition, Cunning

Me and Pottermore have finally started to agree about Slytherins. She is so blunt and kind of a deppresionist. (Is that a word, no it isn’t.) She is a total Slytherin, can you imagine her sharing a room with Cordelia. I mean, even though there was a time when they were friends because she granted Cordelia’s wish which left her without her powers. (Does Xander know about that- no he probably doesn’t)

Tara Maclay: Hufflepuff:

Dedication, Patience and Loyalty

Definitely,no doubt about it. I have quite a few shared personality traits with her, so much so that me and Fliss say we are like Tara but less gay. Also, Willow has a thing for other Hufflepuffs (Friendship and relationship wise).

Riley Finn: Ravenclaw:


No Nope No. He’s literally a soldier- and a very hot one at that, I have seen that guy topless- and you are telling me he’s a Ravenclaw? I mean, you can’t know that Pottermore but still. Gryffindor hands down.

Dawn Summers: Hufflepuff:

Dedication, Patience and Loyalty

Yeah, you know what, I agree. Ravenclaw was really only her know-it-all season 5 personality and she is actually really supportive of Buffy and as they grow up they become way better friends.

Buffy Summers:Gryffindor

Courage, Bravery, Determination

Yes!She is so brave! I mean, she’s died about three times and still stays strong (Except for season 6, but everyone was going through something in season 6) Claps to Buffy for staying strong.



No. Wisdom?Lol. He may be old, but he is not wise. And the only example of wit is his witty comebacks. “I’m a rebel, you’re an idiot.” and others like “I’m sorry, I really don’t care.” This guy is going the same way as Cordelia and Anya, straight to Slytherin, and he’ll probably end up dating one or both of them as well.

My Findings

I have found out that Pottermore may not be the most reliable, but we all have flaws, and its a great website for canon info and the house sort as well. I’m sorry I didn’t find out the wand and patronus as well, but I don’t really care about the wand and I don’t do well on timers anyway. This has been really fun, and I can’t wait for your opinions. However, the comments section is going to be officially spoiler free. So if any comments have spoilers message me (Wait, can you do that. Idk?) or comment on one of my earlier posts. NO SEASON 7 SPOILERS THOUGH PLEASE. I’M SORRY I KEEP MENTIONING IT I JUST HAVEN’T WATCHED THAT SEASON YET AND DON’T WANT ANYTHING RUINING IT!

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Nerd Heard Out,

Cordelia x

P.S. I know this is a really weird thing to ask, but this blog is all about the weird and wonderful so…

Do Americans know what Toad in the Hole and Black Pudding is. Please comment your thoughts. I need a laugh.

Buffy The Vampire Slayer Seasons Rated:

This will probably include spoilers so watch out or only read the seasons you have watched. Does that make sense? No? Ok,

Season 1: Quite a good intro to the personality of Buffy, Xander and our favourite stereo typically British (Sorry America- we are not all like Giles and Spike- I know, devastating.) librarian, Giles. Also had some quite good vampire puns before the Angel vampire reveal (“I don’t bite”, “I’ll be damned” and “Bite me.”) Episodes themselves didn’t have a great story line, especially the master and the anointed one, but all in all, good intro season.

Season 2: OMG I love this season. Spike, Drusilla and Angelus are a total power trio and the only antagonists that didn’t totally bore me. The first half is brilliant, with some awesome Bangel content and Xander and Cordelia (Cander? Xordelia?) are great together. The Angelus plot twist is amazingly well thought out, along with a few other not as good but still pretty great ones. There are also some great relationships. Giles and Miss Calendar are hilarious and the fact that Angel killed her…I mean I see why it had to be done, to get Willow into witchcraft, but still. Definitely, without a doubt, my favourite season.

Season 3: Kinda forgettable really. Angel came back from the dead, which is kinda predictable really because he’s in the credits, and we all know how they get about the credits in the early seasons. I’m sorry but Willow and Oz (WereWitch- yes I am just making up ship names now- feel free to correct me.) I don’t particularly like and I would have preferred for Xander and Cordelia to get back together after Xander and Willow kissed. I really liked Xander and Cordelia together and I think they should have lasted longer. The whole Faith/Mayor thing was kind of boring and the new watcher added like, literally nothing. Also, what was it with Xander and Faith sleeping together? They had no chemistry!

Season 4: Buffy grew up and went to college! I have noticed that the even seasons, 2,4 and 6, are the best for character development and this one did not disappoint! This season is quite good, with the whole Spike chip thing and The Initiative wasn’t too bad. Didn’t like it when Faith came back but that was only for two episodes. Oz left! Yay! Sorry, but I just didn’t like him, and I accidentally read something saying Willow was gay before, and so I couldn’t wait for that guy to leave- I don’t even know what she sees in him- he has awful hair. Riley was quite a good character and so was Tara, and Anya kinda replaced Cordelia as the blunt one who was dating Xander- though no one is as good as Cordelia. This season was about them growing up and growing apart, but the monsters bringing them back together again. One of them seasons which you gloss over until you think hard about it then it’s actually pretty good, but still cannot come close to season 2.

Season 5: Hmm,Glory was kinda boring and the whole Glory/Ben sharing a body thing? One’s a girl. one’s a guy, anyone else kinda wondering about that and what would have happened if Ben and Buffy got together(Except for Ben getting murdered by Spike- chip or no chip.) Also, I didn’t like how they killed Joyce off- like seriously, these girls need their mum right now. However, Dawny was great and Spuffy was amazing! Major Shipper! He totally lost his head over her and she cannot admit she feels the same way about him. Although instead of Dawn telling her, I would have liked a “Because I love you!” in the middle of an argument, and her on the phone to Willow the next morning with an “Oh, shit I slept with Spike.” because that is a classic. I’m glad they got Riley outta the way because he was just being a moaning douchebag, like c’mon, your girlfriend’s the slayer and she needs you, get over yourself! So the subplots were good, but the main plot not so much.

Season 6: The whole “Trio” thing was kinda lame, after Glory The Hell God. But I think it mostly wanted you to focus on Buffy growing up and learning to look after Dawn. It had some pretty good Spuffy content but him sleeping with Anya? And him trying to rape her? I mean, him bringing a date to Xander’s wedding was classic Spike, and him sleeping with Anya was kinda acceptable,but him trying to rape her? That was going wayyy to far and that is why some people still don’t like him. The whole “Willow turns evil.” thing was pretty good, but it had been already done in season 2 with Angelus, it was like re-hashing a teen pregnancy on a soap. It’s been done!

Don’t be shy to comment any thoughts and blog post ideas (I think next one will be Buffy characters and their houses- what do you think?) though please no season 7 spoilers-even with spoiler alerts- I’m sorry, I just read ahead anyway.

Nerd Heard Out!

Cordelia x

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Ranking the songs from Yesterday

It’s Fliss again! I know my last post was ‘ranking the…’ but they’re really fun to do and hopefully they’re fun to read! Yesterday is a 2019 film from Danny Boyle and Richard Curtis about a struggling songwriter who dreams of fame. It is based around the songs of The Beatles and stars Lilly James and Himesh Patel. I went to watch it at the cinema when it came out and it was wonderful!!!! I really like The Beatles music (who doesn’t) and I had already bought the soundtrack, before I even went to see it! I spent my whole summer listening to the soundtrack and I thought it would be fitting to revisit it and rank the songs so here goes! Note: I am not including the interludes.

(side note: I realized half-way through that it is actually very hard to rank Beatles songs because they are all so good lol).

20. Carry That Weight– Not too bad just a bit boring for my liking. I have listened to it once or twice but I tend to skip it when it’s on.

19. The Long and Winding Road (track 24)– Don’t mind it but this version is a bit long and repetitive so I tend to listen to track 11 (further down the list) instead as it’s a bit shorter.

18. Something (track 17)- For all the same reasons as above I tend to go for the shorter version which appears later on.

17. Yesterday (track 1)I know it’s iconic but the talking seems really unnatural when you’re not watching it. Also I think Lilly James laughs too much when she says ‘When did you write that?’ (if you listen to it you won’t be able to un-hear it and it will bug you forever).

16. The Long and Winding Road (track 11)– As peaceful as it is, I like more upbeat songs which will be come apparent when we get near the top few.

15. Something (track 6)– I think I like it more than I think I do (???) but I tend to group it with TLAWR so that’s why it falls next to it.

14. Here Comes The Sun– I love this song and even I’m surprised it’s only at 14 but I do prefer the original much more than the Yesterday version because the original feels more natural.

13. In My Life– I think it’s very moving and every time I listen to it I well up because I think that it will start to become very apparent in my life (no pun intended) as I move through the stages of living. I think it has a lovely tune to it as well.

12. All You Need Is Love– Good song but I have overplayed it now and it’s boring now. My fault really. Whoops.

11. Let it Be– Absolute classic, even Aretha covered it, not to mention these icons (time stamp 0:00 to 0:43) https://youtu.be/TdfQRojgxpc but it’s only at 11 because it does seem to get overplayed.

10. Hey Jude– I really like the song now but I was amazed at how long the song was when I first heard it!! I am glad they had the original words on the soundtrack, before bloody Ed Sheeran got his paws on it.

9. Hard Day’s Night– It’s a cool song. Apparently the title was never meant to make much sense but I really understand that concept…

8. Summer Song– I really like the song even if nobody in the film did! It’s lovely to listen to on a sunny Summer drive!

7. I Want To Hold Your Hand– It’s fun to do the clapping in the background and I thought the scene in the film was fun to watch! https://youtu.be/5NpMwpgHmA8

6. I Saw Her Standing There– It’s got a nice beat to it and it’s an overall good song :).

5. Back In The USSR– Not entirely sure what USSR stands for but I really like the rock vibes from the song and it’s great to turn up loud! (ok just googled it it’s Union of Soviet Socialist Republics).

4. Yesterday (track 14)– It’s literally the title of the movie- what more can I say?

3. She Loves You– Really like this song because I always imagine singing it at a friend’s wedding as maid of honor or something (Cordelia, you know what to do…).

2. Ob La Di Ob La Da– I love a good story song- this song is so underrated that it hurts.

  1. Help!– I love the way they made it into a rock song but I love the original just as much! I feel I can always relate to it on some level which says a lot…

What’s your favorite Yesterday song? Let me know in the comments!